About WNR

The purpose of this blog is to follow religious developments in the countries with a more or less direct tie to the White Nile. As such, Uganda and the Sudans will be the priority, with attention paid to Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, and the DRC as well. Other countries along the Nile Basin will move in and out of focus as events dictate (e.g. the Egyptian “Arab Spring”).

While the focus will be on matters of religion (as one might expect from a PhD student in a Religious Studies program), questions of politics, history, and culture and so on will not be absent. There are obviously limits to what a single person can effectively follow, but to place artificial boundaries on content just to remain true to a blog title can only result in shoddy analysis.

As time progresses it is my hope that the writing here will become increasingly useful to both scholars and policy makers. Where mistakes are made, they are none other than my own.


With apologies for the absence of South Sudan (not many maps online to reflect this reality), the map above should give a sense of which portion of the Nile River constitutes the “White Nile.” Flowing from Lake Victoria in Uganda, the White Nile moves North until it merges with the Blue Nile in Khartoum, then heading on to the Mediterranean.


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